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Or simply like our reddit posts, participate in the discord, mention this site to streamers who go 7, etc. Helping build the community is awesome!

The 7 win spreadsheet:

Open in Google Docs (6.5)

Open in Google Docs (6.0)

See a high level view of the lists submitted to us for the current format, including breakdowns for how popular each color is as a main color, or a splash (4 or fewer cards), how the meta is changing since the last episode, and a few comments by Ben on each deck-list.

Want to see some examples of successful decks for a color combination, or want to see what your favorite streamer is drafting and winning with? This is your starting point!

Ben's Metrics:

Open in OneDrive

Week 24 sheet for mobile (6.0)

Want to see what cards (not just colors) are doing well or poorly?

Thanks Sspifffyman for the condensed sheet!

This sheet dives deep into advanced metrics on individual cards, as well as trends for things like unit curves, influence sources, and other attributes of our 7 win decklists.

Simply open the most recent document for detailed insight on the Draft format.